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Water conservation is something that’s always been important to me as a Californian, and I thought it’d be an interesting subject for my 5 Second Day Film that year. I wanted to take a light-hearted approach on a serious issue, so naturally I had the animals spontaneously burst into flames, as they would in nature. Originally, I was playing with a concept where a little boy learns about different environments, what they need to be sustained, and how much water plays a role in that. I ended up feeling like it wasn’t really my style, so I switched to something more fitting to my weird sense of humor, while still capable of carrying an important message. I had a lot of fun making this, especially in the late hours of my sleep deprived delirium! 

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Ooooh shirtsnshorts posted my short! Done in a sleep deprived day, I had a lot of fun making this, and great titmouse peer support. ^__^